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3 Holiday Travel Tips to Help People with Disabilities

Posted on: December 15th, 2016 by Bellin Health Home Care Equipment Blogger


The arrival of the holidays often comes with an increase in travel. From reconnecting with loved ones to planning the perfect getaway for the family, nobody should miss out on the excitement this time of year offers. For those with disabilities, travel may seem overwhelming, but with these tips from Bellin Health Home Care Equipment, you will be able to enjoy the season with your family and friends wherever you may go.

1.) Create a Plan

Although new cities are exciting, unfamiliar area can be potentially dangerous for people traveling with disabilities. To avoid any possible problems, make sure to extensively research the doctors and physicians in the area. Medical associations within the city are also a great source of information, and may offer solutions in identifying accessible attractions and restaurants.  For those that rely on wheelchair assistance or need medication, make sure to bring spare equipment in case of malfunction as well as medical prescriptions. If you are renting any medical equipment, be sure to arrange it in advance. Calling to double check that everything is in order before you depart is also a good practice.  Above all, make sure you have the essential contact information for your doctor, and inform them of where and when you will be traveling. Doing so ensures that they will be ready to help in the event of an emergency.

2.) Use a Travel Agency that Specializes in Disabilities

It may seem simple to set up personal trips or flights without professional assistance, however, doing so can cause potential problems in the long run. By utilizing an agency that specializes in travel for the disabled, you can eliminate stress and ensure that no detail gets overlooked. These agencies help arrange access to handicap vehicles as well as accessible transportation and lodging. Additionally, if any problem does arise, you can contact them for help throughout your trip.

3.) Prepare for Your Flights

If you will be flying, don’t arrive at the airport without first researching the layout. Details such as bathroom location can help in case of an issue. Make sure to give yourself an extra one to two hours prior to the flight departing to get through security. Don’t forget to pack emergency equipment in your carryon as well. For catching connecting flights, 90 minutes is recommended for layover. If you need assistance while boarding, be specific with your requests especially if it includes lifting or handling. Additionally, don’t forget to request a specialty seat or any dietary restrictions ahead of time.

Travel can be hectic but the experience of reuniting with friends and family makes it worthwhile. With these tips, you can help eliminate stress and avoid potential emergencies. For those affected by disabilities, Bellin Health Home Care also offers an extensive catalog of products such as orthopedics and braces as well as orthotics  to help make traveling easier this holiday season.


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