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3 Indoor Exercises to Stay Healthy

Posted on: January 26th, 2017 by Bellin Health Home Care Equipment Blogger

With the chill of the cold winter weather looming outside, it can be difficult to do anything but hunker down in front of a warm fire. However, limiting your activity this season can be detrimental to your physical fitness, potentially resulting in new aches and pains. To stay healthy, Bellin Health Home Care Equipment offers these indoor exercises to keep you active year-round:

1.) Swimming

It can be tempting to skip a trip to the indoor pool, however, swimming is one of the most beneficial ways you can keep in shape. Since it is low impact, it gives you the chance to increase your endurance and flexibility without a heightened risk of injury. If the effort or weather risks of traveling outdoors intimidates you, finding a swimming partner can help increase your commitment. Many physical therapy practices offer aquatic exercise programs, so look into finding one that fits your specific needs.

2.) Yoga

If inclement weather does have you staying indoors during the winter months, yoga is another low impact exercise that can be easily adjusted to fit any physical restrictions. Not only does it increase flexibility and endurance, but it can also be a way to reduce stress and increase relaxation. Many yoga poses come with alternatives to take pressure off of potential hot spots such as the wrists and knees. These poses can be done at home or through classes at your local community center.

3.) Weightlifting 

The idea of weightlifting can seem intimidating, however, it can be an effective exercise to proactively prevent broken or fractured bones. When performed properly, weightlifting can also increase strength, balance and agility. All of this helps limit risk of future falls and injuries. This exercise also provides relief from arthritis pain by strengthening muscles, tendons and ligaments around the joints. Before you begin, speak with your doctor about what exercises are best suited for your personal health. This can be lifting barbells or even homemade weights at home as well as joining a gym to take more personalized classes. No matter how you lift, make sure to speak with a personal trainer to get instructions on proper techniques, and keep your physician updated throughout the process.

By staying active this winter, you can increase your quality of sleep, relieve stress and attain improved overall health. To help you succeed, Bellin Health Home Care Equipment offers a full line of support products such as the Orthaheel Active Orthotics. These provide greater stability and control so that you can enjoy fast paced activities securely. For more information about the great products that Bellin Health Home Care Equipment provides, contact our team today.

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