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3 Ways to Ramp up Your Home Safety

Posted on: March 2nd, 2017 by Bellin Health Home Care Equipment Blogger

With winter raging outdoors, upgrading your home’s mobility access can be a key component to providing proper safety for you and your loved ones.  At Bellin Health Home Care Equipment, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your family has the security they need, regardless of any potential restrictions. To improve safety in your home, find out how you can ramp things up with these important products!

Keep it Mobile with EZ-ACCESS Suitcase Portable Ramps

In order to get the mobility you need wherever you go, EZ-ACCESS Suitcase Portable Ramps are the perfect solution. With a single fold design, this convenient aid for wheelchairs and scooters allows access to steps, vehicles and raised landings with ease. Since it can be separated by simply removing the two hinge pins, it can also be stored and carried when not in use.

Stay Secure on the EZ-ACCESS Gateway Solid Surface Portable Ramp

If your mobility needs extend beyond the scope of a traditional portable ramp, the EZ-ACCESS Solid Surface Portable Ramp is a one-piece design perfect for providing access to your home. Featuring safety rails and available in sizes varying from three to ten feet, this all-aluminum solution is built to weather the outdoor elements while keeping your family safe.

Keep it Easy with EZ-ACCESS Threshold Ramps

To improve access with limited effort, EZ-ACCESS Threshold Ramps are the stand-alone answer you need. Featuring independently adjustable legs with swivel feet, these ramps are ideal for doorways, uneven surfaces, or single step rises. Using this simple addition, you and your loved ones can increase safety and ensure no family member is left behind.

Guaranteeing that your home is accessible to all is a key component in creating new opportunities for treasured memories and moments. At Bellin Health Home Care Equipment, we take our commitment to improving the life of those affected by mobility restrictions personally. Contact us today to find out more about the services we provide.

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