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Celebrating Fruits and Veggies Month

Posted on: September 17th, 2015 by Bellin Health Home Care Equipment Blogger


Did you know that September is Fruits and Veggies Month? It may seem like a silly designation, but getting more fruits and veggies into your diet is no joke! At Bellin Health Home Care Equipment, we believe strongly in the benefits of eating those leafy greens. Here’s a few suggestions on how to add more of them to your diet:


If you like eggs or toast, you can combine them… with a little bit of avocado! Lightly toast some whole wheat bread and then cut up slices of fresh avocado on top. Next, take some scrambled or boiled eggs and put them on top. You can even add a little hot sauce to make sure you’re awake. It makes for a great morning treat, and it’s packed with protein and energy!


How many veggies do you normally throw on top of your sandwich? Try doubling that amount. If you don’t have room, use a wrap or “gut” the bread so it’s thinner (a lot of sandwich shops will do this for you if you request it). Also, try topping your sandwich off with vegan mayo—it’s made of soy beans, so you’ll get a serving of veggies right there!


Try satisfying that sweet-tooth craving with apple slices or bananas. Another idea is to keep clementines near your work station—they’re easy to peel, and taste delicious!


One way to sneak in some more vegetables is to finely shave them and sprinkle them onto whatever dish you’re cooking. This works for harder fruits and vegetables such as eggplants, broccoli, squash and carrots.

Whether you take one of these suggestions or all of them, just remember: your diet can profoundly affect your health, so don’t embark on any major changes without first consulting with your doctor.

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