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Dressing the Part: Fashion Tips for Breast Prosthesis Users

Posted on: November 24th, 2015 by Bellin Health Home Care Equipment Blogger

mastectomy fashion

Instead of reconstructive surgery, many breast cancer survivors opt for a custom breast prosthesis. From stick-on to soft fabric to silicone, they retain a symmetrical look and empower their wearers. Pairing your clothes with your prosthesis is simple with these handy wardrobe adaptations:

Strapless or narrow straps: Many clothing options in this category come with good support to compensate for the lack of straps, often in the form of built-in bra panels. If this is the case, your prosthesis may sit comfortably inside without any additions. If you’d feel more secure with additional support, wear a strapless bra that can support added weight, or if you have a soft fabric prosthesis, safety pin it directly to the inside of the clothing.

Low necklines: A plunging neckline shouldn’t stop you from wearing that killer dress. If you’re seeking to cover the cleavage area, opt for a camisole or camisole-style bra with lace that provides fashionable coverage. Additionally, a fun scarf or semi-transparent top layered over the v-neckline quietly disguises the lower part of your chest.

Low backs: You’re not so keen on going braless, but your favorite top reveals plenty of back – and plenty of straps. Have the best of both worlds with bra-strap extensions, which wrap around your body and fasten in the front, allowing you to discreetly wear your prosthetic-enabled bra while rocking a back-bearing piece. Additionally, consider the use of a stick-on prosthesis that attaches snugly to your chest, or pin a soft fabric prosthesis directly to the garment itself.

Sleepwear: Though it’s not medically necessary, you may feel more comfortable wearing your prosthesis at night, too. To sleep well, pin your soft fabric prosthesis to the inside of your pajamas, insert it into a soft and minimal support bra, or check out pocketed nightwear with built-in compartments to securely hold your prosthesis.

Swimwear: Many suits already have removable soft cups hidden inside built-in pockets. Swap out the factory cups with your prosthesis and you have a natural fit. Look for suits that feature adjustable straps to keep your prosthesis snugly in place, and consider high arm holes, thick straps, and high necklines to cover up scarring you may not feel comfortable revealing.

Going without: There’s nothing stopping you from abandoning your prosthesis and donning clothes without it. Many women feel comfortable doing so, both physically and emotionally. If you’ve had one breast removed, you may want your wardrobe to achieve symmetry sans prosthesis. Maintain a balanced look with patterned fabrics, loose-fitting clothes, and darker colors. Layers, jackets, scarves, and jewelry can play up your personal style while attracting attention to other parts of your body, too.

Breast cancer is a fight, but you’re not in it alone. Bellin Health Home Care Equipment is here to help get you back on your feet and embrace your new normal. Give us a call at 800-453-7801 for questions about our mastectomy services.


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