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Keeping Loved Ones Safe at Home

Posted on: June 6th, 2016 by Bellin Health Home Care Equipment Blogger


Safety is not an accident. We need to work on keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe, especially when it comes to our aging family members. This month is National Safety Month which is an excellent opportunity to educate people on how to protect themselves from preventable injuries and fatalities. At Bellin Health Home Care Equipment, we are passionate about caring for your aging loved ones, so here are some tips on how to make their home more comfortable and safe this month.

Bathroom Safety: Usually, the smallest place in the house is the most dangerous one. According to reports from the Center for Disease Control, almost 240,000 people visit the emergency room annually due to bathroom-related injuries. The riskiest place for elders? The toilet, which causes more than half of these accidents. As our loved ones get older, their knees get weaker and getting up and down the toilet gets more difficult, which is why raised toilet seats are very helpful. Installing grab bars can be done very easily and can prevent most accidents.

Once you have installed a grab bar by the toilet, don’t stop there. A grab bar in the shower can make exiting much easier. Consider putting non-slip rubber mats or adhesive strips on the shower floor to make sure no one slips. Removing the lock from the bathroom door is also a good idea, just in case an accident does occur and your loved one needs help in the bathroom.

Home Accessibility: When it comes to general home safety, rugs can be a major tripping hazard. They should be properly taped down to make sure no one trips on the rolled up corners, which are hot spots for falls. Another way to reduce tripping is nightlights. Making sure the hallways in the house are well lit can be vital when it comes to safety. Again, if accidents happen, make sure to have all the important numbers on hand.

Kitchen Safety: The kitchen is often the main gathering place at home, but it is also filled with numerous flammable and sharp things. To avoid any injuries, keep some of the following in mind:

  • All the sharp things such as knives should be kept on a rack
  • Automatic shut-off features on kettles and stoves can help if loved ones are forgetful
  • Heavier objects should be stored at waist level, to make lifting them easier
  • Dishes and glasses should be stored in low drawers instead of cabinets

For more information on how to help your loved ones or get the items needed to make their lives safer, visit Bellin Health Home Care Equipment.

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